My half sister part 36



I growled as I fumbled in my bag looking for my keys but before I could find them the door was pulled open.

"hey." dylan said with a beautiful smile,

"didn't we break up."

"yes I'm still heartbroken." he pouted,

"so what are you doing in my apartment."

"sniffing your pillows and pining." he said with a smile I smiled back as he slung an arm around me and kidding me on the top of my head. I csne in and flopped down on the sofa.

"so why are you really here Dylan?" I called as he went into the kitchen and put the kettle on.

"you were supposed to call me back."

"was I?"

"yeah 3 days ago I was worried about you."

"sorry I was just..."

"working. I guessed but you can't work 20 hours a day everyday at some point you will have to stop and acknowledge that you miss him. You look awful by the way." I laughed, we had broken up the day Chris left but well I had cheated on him we couldn't gloss over that, but Dylan being the amazing guy he was had just slotted back into being my friend again. We had grown closer slowly after Chris left the first time and eventually were platonic roommates and at some point we somehow had kissed, which had led to becoming fuck buddies and eventually more of a relationship it. we worked but I knew it was mainly because Dylan was so compliant and allowed my eccentricities but most of them were concerned with keeping him at a distance. But I remembered my fears,knowing I loved him but was it enough. I couldn't stop Chris from popping into my head. Time when I was with Dylan and my mind wondered to him and I imagined it was Chris I was kissing, dreaming it was his hands running all over my body.

"well your concern is noted but you don't have to take care of me." I said

"if you won't do it who will. Right shower and then there is a lasagne that I lovingly microwaved." I chuckled

"thank you but I think I'm just going to crash out."

"you are not that cost 1.59 you are going to eat it." I smiled again, Dylan and me like this was what I needed he just knew how to make me smile. He sat down next to me and slung an arm around My shoulders."but first shower.

" so are you hanging around for a bit? "I asked as I emerged from the shower dressed in mh pj's.

" afraid I can't I have work tomorrow. Besides you dumped me I have to go seek out a new goddess to love. "

" I did not dump you it was mutual. "

" no I was there you dumped me. "

" anyway I'm pretty sure your not in morning." he smiled,

"I am I'm heartbroken."

"are you saying you don't have date on Friday."

"how do you know about that?" I grinned.

"don't make me feed you." he said pushing the lasagne towards me.

"dylan." I said suddenly sad, "I'm sorry."

"I was only joking." he laughed,

"well I'm not I'm sorry for how I behaved when we were together I.. I honestly wanted to love you you enough and I thought I did but I knew... After Chris.. I... But I do love you."

"I know I was more like a... We'll I would say brother but withy you." I threw a pillow at him.

"I'm trying to apologise here."

"look I know our relationship was not a mistake that you need to apologise for we were good together for our time and it dudnt work out that happens a lot. You love someone else. I'm not going to beat my head against a wall trying to force you to change. Besides I knew you loved Chris before we even started so I knew this was a likely outcome. "

" look I know I've apologised for cheating and calling Chris but I'm trying to apologise for being in a relationship with you when my heart wasn't there. I should have committed yo you properly,and not thrown it away so easily. I didn't plan it but I called Chris and the second I saw him I was that girl again.

"stop explaining" Chris said hugging me roughly. "yes I was pissed you called him but you two it's like movie love. And km deep down a real romantic I'm OK with loosing you to true love. But ar you OK?"

"I've been better but last time we were torn apart and I was locked up by people who could stand to even look at me. I didn't know where he was if he was OK, I had nobody I was 18 just and pregnant. this time he left me I may have wanted him to stay but he wanted to leave me and so I have to deal with that." dylan swore quietly as he rubbed his forehead.

" is that what you want. "

" of course not you want me to dig the ice cream out and watch love actually? "dylan rolled his eyes." look he left for whatever reason he made that choice I'm not going yo chase him. " Dylan cupped both you cheeks and looked into my eyes,

" chase him. "

" what? "

" it's too much to loose for crossed wires you two need yo talk to each other. Chase him."

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