SO problems

Earlier I posted about the dilemma with my SO and my deciding to make him an ex-so. There were several young women on here trying to figure it out. I'll break it down for all of you like this so their is no speculation. 
My (ex)SO and I have been sleeping together for two years, I have asked only one thing from him, that he be honest both with me and himself. I knew he loved his wife prior to me very much, he wouldn't have married her if he didn't. I have always asked him if he was sure about advancing the relationship even during the beginning when he was legally separated from her. Yes yes she doesn't bother with me. 
So one thing led to another and we have been sleeping together as I have said for the last two years although we have been together longer than that. Yes we did have sex recently, many times during my fertile window, yes it was amazing and lasted for several hours. Because we had sex during my fertile window including during my time of highest predicted fertility I know there is a likelihood of pregnancy. 
Yes I believe a father should support their child but I do not believe in begging for someone to want to be involved with either myself or the child. Either he wants to be there and provide support either physical or emotional or he doesn't. I am not going to beg, I am not going to be spiteful but if I am pregnant so help me god he will not only see our child when it is convenient for him. 
Now I know this individuals ex wife, I have known her for years at one point we were "friends", I also know that he can be indecisive and even more importantly that he appears to miss his ex-wife but won't try and communicate honestly. 
I am okay with the fact that he wants that connection to her, they will always have a bond, they have children together. What I am not okay either is him denying those feelings and being almost hostile when expressing himself.