Baby Tripp 10/9/15

So my labor story isn't anything like I thought it would be. I had to be induced at 39 weeks due to high BP. When I came in Friday morning I was still only 2 cm dilated and 60% effaced so they started cyotek at 8 am to finish thinning me out.  Labor started normal but I wasn't far enough along  to get an epidural ( my dr tries to wait until your at 3 for some reason) so I had to deal with the pain but it wasn't unbearable. About 12:30 the dr came back in and even though I had had some contractions, they weren't regular and I wasn't much past 2 so he said let's wait one more hour and then we'll get you the epidural and start pitocin. Not even 10 minutes later I started having regular contractions maybe 4 minutes apart and then all of a sudden the babies heart rate dropped when i had a contraction. I had nothing but back labor bc he was face up so I felt like somebody was breaking my back in half and I was way past asking nicely for my epidural but we had to wait for the Dr. to ok it and he was in with another patient. About 2:00 the contractions started coming back to back with no rest for him or me so his heart rate stated to decel over and over again. When my Dr came in he said we either wait this out or go head and do a csection and at this point I think the csection is the safest bet. So my husband and I decided it was best to do the emergency csection. I started bawling of course bc I was terrified of being cut open and I was scared to death something would be wrong with my baby but I knew it was for the best. My best friends mother works in the OR here and within 5 minutes she came into my room and explained exactly what was going to happen and she talked me through every detail and held me still while I got my spinal. My husband came in after they got that done and had me washed down. Within 3 minutes of him making the first cut my sweet boy was here at 3:18 pm at 6lbs 6oz 17.25 inches long! We found out then that when he came out the cord was around his feet twice basically tying them together so he never would have been able to come out naturally anyway so it was the right decision to have made. That first night was absolutely awful for me bc of being so stiff and sore and come to find out I was allergic to the catheter they use during these surgeries and we had no idea until they took it out about midnight and I tried to pee on my own and I was so swollen that the muscles couldn't relax enough to let me go. I'm doing much better now and baby not is perfect except he had  a higher jaundice level than they would have liked so he's being treated for that. We're working on latching with our breastfeeding but he struggles unless we use a shield but he's still getting a belly full and seems go be a pretty laid back baby. We are beyond blessed!
Lee Devon Hinson III (baby Tripp)