What a coworker said when she found out I was pregnant 😳😞

I was mortified to say the least yesterday when a coworker found out that I was pregnant. I work in a kitchen of a nursing home and last night a CNA came into the kitchen. Me and the cook were talking about how I put in my two weeks because I'm needed at home for my two year old who is beginning intensive therapy 5 days a week.

The CNA was saying that its great that my fiance has a good enough paying job that I have that option and asked if I was going to look into something else with different hours. I told her no that I'm going to stay home with my toddler and I'm due in January anyways.

She looked at me confused and was like what do you mean due? And I said I'm having a baby, I'm due in the beginning of January. And what she said next, I'm still flabbergasted.

This woman goes, "oh, I didnt know you were pregnant, I just thought you were gaining some weight."

But that's not even all of it. I go, yeah, I know, I mostly just look chunky. And she says to me, let me see your belly and she walks over next to me and gazes at my stomach and goes, "oh, is it a girl?" And I told her no, its another boy. And she says to me, oh cause your gaining weight kinda all over.

What makes it even worse is I was just telling my fellow kitchen workers how the night before I felt like I was finally starting to look pregnant and not just fat. And this just completely ruined it. Guess I will forever look like I just ate a box of tacos