Ear infection ?

My 2 year old has been screaming her head off all day everyday for like 2 or 3 days now . She had a little fever on Sunday but wasn’t showing any pain , just sleepy. Now the fever is gone and she’s crying every single minute . And it’s a high pitched screaming cry. She won’t even eat,. She asks for food and when I give it to her , she starts screaming and crying like something is hurting her . At bed time she’ll wake up at like or 4 in the morning crying . I’m calling her ped now to see if it’s a possible ear infection or something else .. I don’t know if it’s her just being exaggerating or if she’s really in pain , cause one minutes she’s fine and playing and the next she’s screaming in agony. Because she won’t eat she just sits there and cries ...but at her babysitter she never cries and she actually wats showing no signs of pain.....I just want to ball up and cry myself. What am I doing wrong .