I just need to vent.

Ok so I have been ttc for over a year now. This is getting so costly and so emotionally draining. I have to take progesterone because my dysfunctional body cannot seem to produce enough to keep a baby. I have had 3 mc in a year. It got to the point where we were no longer enjoying sex just doing it to conceive. My progesterone I must take during my tww. Rx is only $2 so no biggy there. It just makes me sleepy or dangerously dizzy and I have to sleep it off all day meaning I cannot work that day. The OPK tests are $20 I can usually make it last 2 cycles. The first responses are $20 for 3 I but two boxes during a cycle that's $40 then I buy Pre Seed because I dont make enough fertile cm during my fertile window. That's roughly $52 - $72 a month I spend on ttc products. I'm so sick and tired of not only spending money on this stuff but going through the emotional roller coaster of ttc. My daughter is 6. I would like to have another one before she gets older and I'm going to be 30 in April. I dont want to be in my 40s with a newborn I really dont and I dont want my child to be in college coming home from her summer break to visit her newborn brother or sister. I'm going nuts over here lol. Does anyone have any advice. Ps I honestly buy opk strips so I can enjoy sex with my husband then when I get that lh surge it's balls to the wall's for the small window then we Can enjoy sex the rest of the time. Thanks for listening.