Little guy arrived at 39 wks


Woke up at 12 and started having what I thought were very strong Braxton Hicks around 2 am. I hadn't lost any mucus plug or had other symptoms so just assumed they were nothing. They started coming in waves, around 3-6 mins apart and had me stooping over due to discomfort. Took a bath, bounced on a ball etc for relief but no change.

By 4:30 am the discomfort had become pain and I suspected this was the real deal! Woke husband up finally and we were at the hospital by 6:30 am. Contractions in car were very uncomfortable and I knew then it was early labor. I was shocked to learn I was dilated to 4/5!

Admitted to hospital, managed to wait until I was 8 cm dilated and by then couldnt handle the pain so took the epidural. Man that was the MOST AMAZING feeling!! Was exhausted from being up since midnight so was able to get in a few naps -- these were clutch!

The delivery part when on an epidural was strangely very calm since i couldnt feel a thing. At one point they moved in into mirror so i could see and man, that was a gnarly thing to see (not for me!).

Took about an hour of pushing and little man arrived weighing 6 lbs, 8 oz. Had a first degree tear, some swelling and legs were completely numb until next day due to strong epidural but doing well overall.

Congrats to all the October babies/mommas and wishing healthy deliveries for those yet to come!!