Spilling the tea...☕️


Yesterday was our anatomy scan for our little one. I was 19 weeks and 4 days.

Any who, I go grab mail and check for important things like usual and the paper from the obgyn clinic had arrived.

I decided to get bloodwork done to get genetic testing done. This is our first baby and Down syndrome is in our family and I would like to know the chances of genetic disorders.

So I open it and the test is negative which means everything is totally normal and the baby is fully healthy as can be. I am so excited at this point and I start reading the other papers. This letter told me the gender of our baby.

We are having a reveal party Saturday with family and friends and I wanted to wait to find out with my boyfriend. The clinic messed up 5 letters and I happened to be 1 of the 5. I was so pissed because it ruined it for me.😭😭😭😞

Later on at the scan, she confirmed that indeed it was the gender that the test stated and I guess it gave me a piece of mind. Next time I know not to open the next genetic testing and just to call and talk to my ob.

Here’s some photos of our little one! What do y’all think?

Boy or girl???💙💗💙💗

I’ll update with pictures on Saturday of the reveal💙