can’t orgasm😌

hey ladies i’ve been sexually active for ~4 months now with my current boyfriend, i’m super comfortable with him never worried or anything during sex, he goes down on me all the time and basically just tries really hard to get me to come but i just can’t🤭

i’ve tried to myself of course but no luck either, we’ve found i can squirt but not orgasm. this confused me because i kinda thought the two came hand in hand?

i definitely can’t do it from just clitoral stimulation because after a while it gets super sensitive and i can’t keep going that way.

in all honesty my boyfriend takes it harder than i do cause he thinks he’s not good enough at it but sex with him is always fun feels good, but it would be nice if i even knew what to try to do to get there😫

i also told a friend of mine and the way she reacted made me feel like a freak ha. i know she meant well but it kind of hurt hearing how everyone else around me can do something i can’t

any advice would be great🤩

show me what u got girlies ;)