Postpartum itch??

I am currently 3 weeks post partum. I am still bleeding, but its now dark brown almost black blood. I'm only wearing a liner at this point. I was wondering, is anyone else itchy inside their vagina? I did have 3 stitches. It's not severe for me, but it is noticeable and quite annoying since there is no way to itch it except to sit down and cross my legs. I feel it everytime i wipe after i use the bathroom, then it goes away. I've had a yeast infection before so I know what that feels like and I don't think this is that.... I'm currently not on any medications other than prenatals, and stool softener. I also don't have any uncommon discharge other than bleeding. I do gotta say my blood has always had a smell .

I just don't want to call my OB for this if it's just part of my healing process. This is my first pregnancy and I don't know if itching is normal . Anyone know what it is, or have it as well?