maca power questions

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Update: I wanted to update this post so I been taking maca for one month now and I did not get pregnant this month but I wanted to update because I have seen some promise results I did ovulate on cycle day 14 instead on 22 or 22 like I have been before maca and it did relauate my period back to a 28 day cycle for the first time since getting off the pill in a year and a half im have a 28 day cycle instead on 33 or 35 or 40. even through I didnt get pregnant this month this give me hope that because it regulated my ovulation and period that is something need for pregnancy so I have new hope that I will get pregnant soon. Im going to keep taking it and hope next month is my mom.

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just wanted to share.

has anyone tried maca power to convince I been hearing a lot about it. women who I been trying to convince for a long time say that they got pregnant 2 to 3 months after starting to use it. I have been trying to 14 months and I want to try something new but I kind of worried about side effect. can anyone share experience and did it work for you