What weight group was your baby in for those who carried 37+ weeks?


My hubby has been arguing with me over what a healthy newborn should weigh. I was already full figured when I got pregnant. 5'3" and 160 lbs. I had recently lost 40 lbs after being diagnosed hypothyroid and intended to get down to 145. I'm trying to not gain excessive weight while pregnant for my health and the baby. Hubby is afraid I don't eat enough and am/will deprive the baby and it will be born too small. 🙄 I told him I will eat when I feel hungry and not force it. Even though I'm only 13w4d, the baby tells me when I need to eat more/less. I feel it.

Please comment if you have additional input on this topic or your hubby is giving you a hard time too. I know he means well, but he's starting to piss me off. My hormones can't take it. 🤬

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