No Peak Fertility Detected this month only Highs?

I’m currently testing for ovulation with Clear Blue Digital. For my hubby and I, this will be our 3rd month TTC. My last 2 cycles I never got a flashing smiley face(high Fertility), I went straight from one day being low to the next day reaching peak fertility(LH surge). Both months ovulation occurred on Cycle Day 12. This cycle I started testing on day 10 and for 2 days got a low reading. Starting on day 12 up until today which is day 18, I have been getting a “high” Fertility result with a flashing smiley face. Does this mean I did not ovulate this cycle since it is not detecting the LH surge? It might help to share that this cycle I also experienced cramping and pain on my left side that occurred around the same time I experienced heavy watery discharge (3 pads that day) on Cycle day 13. My cycles are consistently 28 days long. I am concerned if maybe that pain I experienced was a cyst. Also I don’t know if I should keep testing hoping for that Peak result or will it continue to keep showing high until my next AF ? Or miraculously (I’m being delusional) a BFP :)