Hateeeee myselffff rantttt

sorry if it’s all over the place i have no idea where to begin. i’ve never talked to anyone about this before. it feels like i don’t have anyone. and it’s becoming a big issue in my life. but the way i feel about myself is ruining my life and ruining my relationship. i’m pushing my boyfriend away. and it’s making me hate myself so fucking much. I’ve gotten to a point where i can’t even go to a grocery store because of how insecure i am. i am constantly comparing myself to everybody. I have become a sad, depressing person and it makes me hate myself 10x more. i have 0 self love and i just want it to stop. and ive been trying so hard to love myself but i feel like giving up. i hate everything about me. i sound stupid but i’ve never thought so low of myself in my life. i feel like i’m not worth anything. I hate my ethnicity. i hate my size. I hate my face. it’s awful. i’m 5’9 and i weigh 180 pounds. anD MAAAN. i feel so stupid and that i should be grateful for what i have but i don’t. i want to love myself so bad but i don’t know how.