Okay so not really sure how to word this but seven weeks ago I gave birth to the most beautiful rainbow baby. My little girl. I wouldn't c hangs her for the world but ever since having her I've become more paranoid with my partner ( her dad). We have a lot of history we started seeing and going out with each other last year and it was rocky. He would leave me and spend all day in pub , I caught him on dating websites , he kissed my best friend at the time ( no longer friends) brought his ex flowers and a card saying I love you. His ther ex just don't leave him alone and don't see a problem with her sending him love hearts saying love you. Butch back off

Now i dunno if I trust him at all. I love him to pieces but I sit there and think what is he doing who's he with I've got worse but I don't wanna loose my family with him and I don't wanna loose my relationship. I suppose I just need someone to talk to i feel so alone.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this and got through it.

Will it ever get better ?