How would you feel?

So me and my boyfriend have these friends ( another couple like us) and we hang out with them. We all smoke so we always get together and smoke. Probably like 3-4 times a week. Well ANYWAYS I noticed that the guys always make weird sexual jokes about me and the other girl. Like saying things about us “scissoring” or stuff like that. Then they’ll laugh and I just sit there so uncomfortable. The girl said she wanted us to go to the casino this weekend and if we were down. She said we could get drunk and get an Uber back to the hotel and just split a hotel room. Then the boys started joking about how it’s cheaper if we just got one bed and then they made a joke saying something like “just the girls can share the bed and we will watch” Well, I’m sitting here over thinking and have anxiety bc they’ve been making those weird jokes and now I feel uncomfortable sharing a room and drinking with them bc I don’t want them to say weird stuff and I’m scared to be drunk and don’t know what I would do. I feel like I’m stuck. I hate this. I told my boyfriend I felt weird that he talked like that in front of us and he said it’s how guys talk and they don’t really mean it like that .. how would you feel in this situation? We’re supposed to leave tonight and I’ve been stressing since last night to the point I feel sick.