Alternatives to Glucola for glucose testing?


I posted asking on the third trimester board and that didn’t go well. I’m genuinely researching alternatives because I don’t consume 50g of sugar a day nor do I consume food dyes or some of the other ingredients in that drink.

My first OB had me do a fasted blood draw, go eat a generous breakfast of waffles and eggs and bacon (already unhealthy compared to how I typically eat) and come back for a blood draw an hour later. I have since moved and am a week away from a having my appointment to discuss what is next as I approach my final trimester.

I’m going to discuss my alternatives with my OB. I see a mixture of doctors and midwives and selected them because they have the best reputation in the area so I’m hoping that means they’ll respect me and my desire to look for healthier alternatives when possible.

Has anyone else here sought alternatives? Whether it is the glucola minus the food dyes and BVO that you can apparently get somewhere but some docs don’t even know of it? Or maybe eating 28 organic jelly beans that don’t have the dyes etc?

I’m open minded, but very closed minded about consuming a 50g drink of syrup with BVO and food dye... I also don’t react well to consuming sugar because I so seldom do, especially not processed sugar.