Sibling Rivalry part 9



Ella gasped twisting her hips as I tried to keep her pinned down licking her more and more probing my tongue in deeper and deeper truly tasting her. The taste of her warm juices in my mouth made me groan my eyes rolling back in my head god she was so perfect. My nerves hadn't disappeared but as I kissed and touched Ella her responses told me that whatever it was that I was doing working and I pushed the nerves aside refusing to feel them. I had waited so long for this dreaming of her I wasn't going to let my nerves ruin this. I settled myself down between Ella's open thighs and gently licked at her being guided by her moans. She groaned and ran her fingers into my hair and tangled them tightly yanking on my hair. I licked her again pressing my tongue in a little deeper desperate to gorge myself on the delicious taste of her. I dug my fingers into her thighs roughly. She squirmed her hips around a little as she giggled I clung to her hips like a life raft as I kissed licked and sucked on her pussy as Ella threw her head back, her moans turning to little screams. But I didn't stop I carried on loving her taste loving her responses. The pain of her twisting my hair roughly,as I lavished attention on her pussy and clit roughly. Until she twisted restlessly screaming more and more loudly. Fuck I loved the fact that she was a screamer. Suddenly she came with a lot more noise and mess than I expected. I just smiled and began licking her clean.

"You better stop that or I'm going to come again." she panted. I lifted my eyes smiling at her.

"that's not much incentive for me to stop is it." she smiled that dazzling smile at me. I lifted my eyes to hers and forced a fake smile on my face. Ella looked concerned. I didn't want to analyse this right now I was in bed with Ella naked and yet fucking seb just suddenly appeared in my thoughts. Why??? I pushed it aside. I needed him out of my mind now. I pushed myself up Ella's body locking my lips on hers. Ella smiled into my kiss. I pushed my tongue slowly gently into her mouth kissing, licking and tasting her. Ella purred gently as I kissed her. We kissed gently the passion intense. I stroked my hands all over her body as she did the same. I flinched instinctively as Ella's hand brushed my cock. I was hard again already. After the shock I stayed put and pushed my cock against her hand. I groaned into her mouth as she rubbed her hand along my cock I was already feeling the intense pleasure from her touches. Ella, broke our kiss and stilled her hand. She locked her eyes on mine biting her lip she looked honestly very nervous.

"ollie do you... Want to you know?" I couldn't help but smile loving her so vulnerable.

"you can't make it my decision."

"I'm ready, are you?"

"I love you." tumbled out before I could stop it.

"I love you too." she whispered. Decision made our lips locked together something in our kiss had changed. My stupid brain refused to let me just enjoy this and pointed out that I had shared a kiss like this once before with seb our kisses filled with so much desire and intensity. Horrified I broke our kiss.

"there in the top drawer." Ella said clearly miss Reading my reason for breaking our kiss.

"oh right." I said leaning over and pulling out a condom. I turned away opening the packet using the time to push seb out of my brain or try to he seemed etched in there and I was about to fuck his sister. It was ridiculous I didn't feel that way about him. I didn't but that vodka soaked night kept pushing into my brain. I needed it banishes, I felt Ellas hand slide across my back as she sat up. This was the important thing the past didn't matter, that was drink. This was completely different. This was Ella I'd loved her since the moment I met her. I don't know or understand what happened with seb and what happened but this Ella I got this. I turned and smiled at her. Ella returned the smile as I kissed her. We kept our lips locked kissing over and over as I leaned in pushing her back gently to lay down she silently followed this direction. We kissed over and over until I felt time was right and I took my hard cock and pressed it against Ellas tender entrance. She bit her lip eyes locked on mine. I pushed myself inside her. Ella in took a sharp breath.

"I'm I hurting you?" she shook her head,

"no its OK it's OK." she said breathily.

"ok."i echoed not reassured I slowed down. Ella clearly noticed and decided to help as she began rocking her hips slightly. I took the encouragement and pushed my hips pressing my cock deep into her Ella cried out digging her nails into my arms. I realised our hips had met we were fully joined. Ella was burying her face into my neck. I started moving my hips moving in and out of her still trying to be gentle hating the knowledge that I had hurt her. Ella panted biting my lip as she slid her hands down to my hips digging her nails in. Sweat beaded on my skin as I gained momentum realising Ella wasn't hurting the traces of pain vanished from her face. She smiled closing her eyes looking so damn sexy. I worried that simple sight was going to make me come. Ella swung her legs up to wrap them around my waist.

"fuck Ella." I panted my hips moving faster as I felt myself loosing Ella. I closed my eyes desperate to get a hold on myself. I leaned over and kissed her.

"I love you." I said breathily "I've always loved you... Fuck Ella I'm coming I'm coming." I don't know if Ella heard me as she was twisting around restlessly screaming her eyes closed. I kept moving a suddenly my balls kicked I shouted and came hot and hard. As Ella screamed squurting all over my cock. I pulled myself out of her wincing at the realisation that I'd made her bleed. I lay down next to Ella placing my hand on her chest loving the feeling of her heart hammering crazily her sweat soaked skin. Ella moaned,

"can we just stay like this forever."

"I wish beautiful I have to work tonight."

"how romantic." Ella groaned,

"we have a few hours yet so until then wild horses, crowbars even your father couldnt drag me away."

"what about my mom?"


"your scared of my mom?" I smiled.

"yeah I think so." ella laughed

"she loves you."

"loved." I said pulling the duvet up over the two of us gently and cuddled into her.

"well I love you now." she said sleepily.


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