Women are flirting with my man

Dora • Baby No1 due July 2020 ❤🙌🤰💑

Me and my boyfriend been together almost 6 years. And we are expecting our first child (currently 7w 4d) and we are over the moon. He wanted to be a daddy for so long.

He is one of the most socially awkward person I ever met with, but I love that about him and I know I am a really lucky girl.

He came home yesterday and awkwardly "confessed" to me that multiple women tried to flirt with him lately, he said it almost feels like they can sense that he's becoming a dad.

I laughed and asked how did he respond to it, because I remember how awkward he was with me in the beginning when I tried to flirt.

He said the only thing he was able to blurt out was that he's having a baby, so he can finally end the conversation, and tried to walk away quickly. 🤣🤣🤣

I couldn't have asked for a better partner to have this baby with.

I've got my first ultrasound scan on the 13th of Dec, I've got the letter yesterday. He phoned his boss straight away to get the day off, so he can be with me. ❤

Him and me last weekend on a ladies night event.