My moms blackmailing me with my baby!!!

Before I was pregnant she would tell me I couldn’t go out with my friends and threaten to tell my boyfriend I’m cheating on him.... which then resulted in him being very insecure and wanted to know where I was at all times... she would let me go out with him only if he would come to the house and pick me up and she would let him stay the night and sleep in the same bed as me and that’s obviously why I became pregnant🤷🏻‍♀️ but now I am due around Christmas and she’s saying if I don’t do the things she wants me to do she will take my baby... can she even do that? I think I forgot to mention I’m 16. But it’s not even like big things I havent been going out at all 1. Because she won’t let me if I tried. 2. Cuz it’s uncomfortable to even breathe. 3. My boyfriend lives with me now. But I’m “nesting” or whatever so I’ve got the whole crib and stuff set up for the baby and I’ve been cleaning like a whole lot but I feel like she’s taking advantage of it because she’s lazy and didn’t even raise me (my grandmother / her mom) did she’s like really creepily interested in my boyfriend... like I want her to like him I would be pretty upset if she didn’t but she’s a little too “hands on” with our relationship and I can feel sometimes he gets awkward when she’s talking to him around me. I also read some messages off his phone between him and her and she’s telling him that he’s “cute” and calling him “baby” idk if I’m just overreacting or what but she was happy when I told her I’m pregnant and first thing she said is “does —— know” and I told her “no” and then she told him... I wanted to do that. But no biggie ig... it’s just kinda making me a little upset I kinda feel like she likes my boyfriend more than me.. it’s weird y’all might think I’m stupid cuz I feel stupid... I just feel left out. Most of the time when he’s home and we’re just watching tv together or something she’ll ask me to do random things like away/out of the room and when I say I don’t want to she’ll say “well you won’t want to change diapers or feed a baby when it cries either but you’ll have to when he says so” idk I’m just gonna stop cuz I feel dumb my rant is over but you guys should tell me what you’re getting from the situation because I feel something happening beyond my knowledge.

Edit: we’re both working I’ve been working since I turned 16 and he’s 18 I had 3000 saved but then she wanted money back that she paid for the baby shower gift (diapers and clothes and bottles) I was like “why did you buy it if you want money back doesn’t sound like a gift to me” but she just went in and took around 100 idk cuz it wasn’t exactly 3000 a little more I’m a waitress and he works for a factory he got the job from a temp service so idk how long his will last but he makes way more than me obviously he paid for the crib and stroller/car seat combo and all that super expensive stuff that no one will gift you lol I have so many bottles and 0-3 onesies I don’t think imma use all of em😂😂😂 that’s a joke but he’s looking at apartments and we’re gonna split rent he’s saying we should wait till baby comes so that it’s not all this stressof moving drama with my mom and caring for a newborn all at once but he understands my struggle and he’s been really supportive when I’m being overdramatic and sad because I’m pregnant😭❤️ he truly is the best thing ever right now I’m typing this 4 minutes before his alarm goes off to wake up for work and he looks so peaceful sometimes I just wanna hit snooze😂😂😂😂 sorry I can’t do that