So I’m dating this guy, we’ve been talking for like 7 months and just recently made it official, he goes out to a bar a couple nights ago and gets kinda sloshed. Before we talked he was in a relationship with this girl for three years, almost even had a kid with her. I try to be super gentle about it because that was his first love and ya dada dada. He sees his ex at the bar, who recently got into a relationship with his old good friend, in his drunken state he gets super pissed and punches a glass door and shatters it at the bar, had to pay for it and everything. I don’t know how the fuck I should feel but I know I don’t feel good. I always tell him hes not over her and that he shouldn’t try with someone new (me) until he is. I’ve been through this same scenario with my last relationship. Only last time the boy I was with cheated and got his ex pregnant. I feel so weak and naive for doing this all over again. But he has good intentions and everything’s been going smoothly up until then. Whaaat the fuck do I do or say? I feel like I’ve said everything and thought I could trust him to not make me second guess myself.