Is this nasty?

So my sister in law has been living with us for 3 yrs to study at Vcu college and i don’t getting in along with her because she be doing things that be trifling and nasty.

She been using one of the bowls that we be cooking lot wash her wigs/ track hair and i told her so many times to get a new bowl from the dollar tree or any stores. So I have to buy a brand new bowl for her to use to wash her wigs or others things. I just had a baby last month and sometimes I trying to keep calm for the sake of my health and my husband don’t even say anything to her and he is her brother.

My husband is Trindad and I’m American and somethings we don’t agree of things and I want him to be a man and talk to his sister than having me to do the job for him.

What can I do? I feel like giving up this marriage because I’m tired of telling him and her the same thing over and over and over again like a record player