THC & breast milk?

So, I’ve been a religious weed smoker up until I got pregnant and of course immediately stopped. However, I’m curious, after the baby is born I’ll be breast feeding. I don’t need anybody saying “don’t smoke weed while around the baby”. I’m not an idiot. But after a few months, when the child does stay with my parents every now and then (and is in a safe environment) and I decide to have a smoke, I’m curious how does THC affect my breast milk? (I don’t want people saying just wait or bashing me for wanting to smoke a legal substance in my state. Nobody bashes the mom who wants a legal drink when the baby is being cared for). I know with drinking you “pump & dump” and you’re fine. But THC is stored in fat and breast milk is fat. Does pumping and dumping work in this case? How long does THC stay in the breast milk if it does at all? I guess I just don’t know how weed smoke affects breastfeeding and what the duration of caution should be before I place my child back on my breast for feeding. Is there an amount I should pump beforehand to ensure my child has an adequate amount of milk to feed on while I empty my breast out over the course of time needed? I want to ensure my child is safe first and foremost and if it’s more hassle than it’s worth then I’ll just wait an extra year, not a big deal. I’m just curious if this is possible. Thanks again for not bashing, being negative and for answering my questions. 😌

Update: Thanks for all your comments ladies. At this rate I’d rather just wait it out then. Like I said, I’m in a state where it’s legal and I’d get it from a dispensary and the baby wouldn’t be in my care while smoking or even while high at all, so I would not be the sole caregiver for that night but if it’s going to stay in my system for THAT long then I’d rather just not chance anything. I appreciate the feedback. If I can go a year without it for pregnancy, I can go another year for my child to breastfeed without worrying about the affects on my infant. Again thanks so much!