Cats and babies

Cass • •Mrs. 💍 •27💕• 2/20/2011👦🏻, 12/14/17👧🏼, 1/6/20 👶🏼

So I’m always hearing that I should get rid of my cats, they will harm the baby. Heard it with my daughter and now this one. So I wanted to share how my cats are with my daughter. We have 5 cats(yes I know that’s a lot lol). Everyone said they would jump in bed with my daughter, but they never do. Yes, she’s been scratched a few times on accident(they went to get away and she had her hand under their paws and she got scratched). They all will lay in her lap and love on her. Now I never leave my children unsupervised by animals because you never know what gonna happen, because she is 2 and can be rough on them. Even though in 2 years they never bite just ran away; you never know. All I am saying with the right training and supervision cats aren’t bad with babies.

This is when she first got home, they checked her out

This is a couple days later


1 year

And now.