Katy • 🌺Lily 👧🏼July 2017 | 🦕Ashton 👶🏼 August 2020

I have weaned my 2 year old daughter from breastfeeding and we haven’t nursed in 3 days! 🎉 Our journey has finally come to an end!

My question is: My boobs aren’t engorged, but their definitly fuller and still have milk in them. There’s a few clogs I can feel that make them somewhat sore. I’ve been taking Sudafed the past 2 days to dry up my milk.

What should I do about the clogs and remaining milk? Is it just going to disappear and the clogs will clear up on their own? How long does it take?

I can’t use cabbage leaves on my boobs because I KNOW the coldness will induce a let down haha.

Any suggestions??