Weekday wedding thoughts?


My fiancé and I are getting married in 2020, between late summer and fall. We’re paying for the wedding ourselves, so we don’t have all that large of a budget and are trying to save money however we can. I like the idea of getting married on a Wednesday. It’s significantly less expensive, and basically would weed out a lot of people from coming (there’s a lot of people I “have” to invite but couldn’t care less if they came). Also, we are having alcohol and yeah it’s a party, and to be completely honest I’ll probably have to be at least a little drunk to enjoy the reception (my family stresses me out a lot and so do large groups of people and having so much attention on me) but I guess what I have in mind isn’t a wild party with everyone getting crazy drunk so hopefully it would encourage against that.

Also for context, we’re looking to get married in a pumpkin patch and have the reception in a really cool barn (fancier than it sounds haha) on the same property. We’re thinking like an afternoon wedding (between 1-3 for the ceremony) and a reception after, but hopefully ending around 7-8)

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