Nobody showed up to my wedding...

TK Anonymous:

I’m back!

When is it okay to cry or be upset? I invited everyone and reminded everyone about my court house wedding I reminded them a week before. Everyone took days off and promised to be there. I was excited and happy to share the moment. Nobody called the day before or asked me about it and I told myself I wouldn’t remind anyone and see who remembers to show up. The day came it already felt un- special because that’s not how I wanted to get married but when your husband family doesn’t know about you because he’s scared of being shunned and beaten it is what it is. No one showed up not my dad no mom no siblings, cousins no one. Just me my husband and our sweet baby boy in an empty room. It was time to get married and I will Amit I smiled and laughed the whole time even though we got married in a really small office because no one showed up. I didn’t post pictures or do anything fun afterwards just went home and slept. The next day (today) and asked everyone if they forgot about my wedding and of course everyone’s reply was “you didn’t remind me” “I’m so sorry” blah blah blah.

Message from my dad

Add on: Before everyone gets started this is definitely not a green card marriage of course every Narrowminded American thinks. We’ve been together for years and he’s around a US Citizen YEARS AGO. His mom is the only person he has and doesn’t know he is afraid to loose her so we’ve agreed to tell her in person rather than over the phone. NO HE NOT married in his home country.