Putting my puppy to sleep😭😭😭

Kaite • Licensed PTA Army NG Girlfriend 💜💗💙

I could really use some postive thoughts, good vibes, prayers, whatever you do, sent my way. We have to put down one of our dogs this evening. She's 14 years old. I've known her for 10 years. She's had a rough life for reasons that take way to long to explain. But she's finally hit her limit. She is essentially paralyzed in her back end. (She can stand for a few seconds, and was walking yesterday, but today she can't walk) and she won't go to the bathroom. She has a whole host of issues and it's time for her to go. I've had to do this with cats before, but not a pupper.

So please send postive thoughts, prayers, etc. Even sharing stories/pictures of your animals whether live or passed on would definitely put a smile on my face.

Here are some pictures of my baby girl, her name is Sibri (Suh-Bree)

She's ALWAYS a happy dog. Even today and previous days despite it being hard to walk, she smiles away. And smiles any time you talk to her or come in the room❤️