Is there anyone taking Provera and Metformin while TTC? I ask because this is my second/third month with both. I started metformin in September. I also took Provera that month because I didnt have a cycle. October came and I went the entire month without a cycle. Got in to see my doc, took Provera Nov. 4th through Nov 10th. Had a full cycle, Nov. 13th through the 18th. I BD 22nd, 24th, and 26th. Which I do not feel that it has anything to do with this but my problem is I'm assuming I'm spotting. Not sure. I started cramping about an hour ago and when I got home probably about a half hour ago I noticed I was spotting I'd say about a medium, not heavily. But I've never had this issue before. Does anyone experience spotting like this with Provera/Metformin, even after a full cycle? Or has anyone experienced something similar to this?

To add, according to this app I'm supposed to ovulate on the 3rd of December but it says fertile starting tomorrow until the 4th. Could it be possible that I'm going to ovulate soon?