A fu**ed up world!!

Do you know what really f***s me off!?

There are couples desperate to have children. They know they would make amazing parents but they are tortured by having to go through the long, daunting ttc process, not knowing if it will ever happen, and getting knock back after knock back every month. Some feeling like “why us?” “Maybe it’s not meant for us?”

Then there is people who have had children. They have gone into care/ been taken off them. They don’t get them back but they have MORE children!?

Or alcoholics/drug addicts who have children, bringing them into this world also addicted.

People who have children but have no time for them and let them fend for themselves.

People who have children and abuse them.

But the people who would make AMAZING parents, who would support them, care for them and cherish them are still longing for the child...

It’s a messed up world!!!