Your kid (say around 10) bangs on your neighbor’s door (hard like an emergency bang).. what do you do?

Just curious.

My story if you want to know-

I’m sitting here minding my business and I get these multiple big Bangs on the door. Like I jumped up and ran to the door cuz I thought it was an emergency. My mind went to a lot of things

-fire in the building

-my SO being a butt trying to scare me (and I was about to go off)


So I go look out the hole and there was no one there but my neighbors going inside there apartment.

So I look to see if someone is running off but nope just them. Open the door and she shuts her door... I stood there.. waiting for something to happen.

I go open my window by my front door and wait for them to come back out.

They do after some time and I go open the door and say “can I help yall”

The guy goes “what?”

I said “can I help y’all someone from your apartment was just banging loudly on my door”

The goes “oh it was her ( little girl about 10 ) she was just playing around” and wouldn’t look at me or say sorry and kept walking.

So I wave to the little girl and her mom who already walked off and said loud enough “hey, I live here” and he laughs as he is walking off.

Now I understand kids will be kids but I feel like I could have at least gotten an apology for that.

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