He has his « ex » on his Instagram

This nothing really serious. I just met a guy on a dating app and we hit it off pretty good. At some point he asked me if I have Instagram. I said yes and gave him my username. He followed me. But when I followed back, I was that he has pictures taken romantically with a girl. I immediately asked if he had a girlfriend. He said they broke up two months ago.

Granted, the last picture of them together is from two months ago.

So I asked him wether or not having pictures of her on his page had made it more complicated for him to date since then. He said he’s not the type to completely erase someone he’s dated from his life. He says they are on good terms and they broke up because she moved away.

So that’s why he basant deleted them.

I have no right to ask him to do so, we just started talking, and we’re going slow. That’s what we’re trying to do at least. He seems like a good guy, he has no issue talking late at night on the phone.

Should I stop talking to him? Or wait until we’re more invested in each other to request that he deleted everything ?