A night in

Zack texted me.

Can I come over, I’ll bring ice cream??😘😘

Of course☺️

See you in 20 😉

I had an idea. I ran up to my room and picked out my favorite outfit that I had ordered online. Black lace bra, a lacy black boyshort and thigh highs. I wore a sweatshirt and sweatpants overtop and straightened up my bed.

The doorbell rang. I hurried downstairs to find the most gorgeous man I know standing on my porch, holding two pints of Ben and Jerry’s. I pulled him in the door, and he grabbed my face and kissed me. He ran his hands through my hair and down my back.

I missed you, he murmured in my ear.

I smiled and slapped his butt as he walked in, to which he spun around and pinned me against the wall.

That’s real cute, but you better stop that, he said in a deep voice.

Make me, I whispered.

He swept my legs off the ground and carried me to the couch, where he dropped me and climbed on top of me.