So story time

I'm so annoyed! So my older brother who is 2 years older than me, has a 2 year old girl who is literally my mini me! Well after she was born my brother stopped talking to our dad, no apparent reason just up and stopped, well my dad has always made it a point to try to get with him to see his first grand baby, well a big arguement broke out a few weeks ago while my dad finally got to watch her on his own (everyone else is allowed to watch her BUT OUR DAD/her grandpa) well anyways big arguement between my whole family because my brothers fiance lied to everyone about my dad, when I was with him when this "supposedly happened" hes maybe got to see his only grand child a max of 10 times since she was born... next thing I know sitting and talking to my dad with tears on his eyes said "I cant wait for you to have kids, then I'll atleast have a grand baby I can see" my heart instantly broke, I drove home crying, and i honestly wanted to tell him I'm trying... it's been almost a year and a half but we're trying, and now it breaks my heart a little more each month when AF shows up