Natural vs epidural?


Ive always wanted to go natural but with my first 2 pregnancies ended in c sections. First was due to lack of progression and being in active labor for so long. Second was because i was leaking fluid at 34 weeks and they said itd be safer just to do a repeat c section to lessen stress on the baby. My dr said i can try vbac but if they have to break my water or medically help me dilate then he will just give me a csection. Ive heard alot if stories of the epidural slowing down contractions and progression. I really really want to experience vaginal birth. If it is safer for my child, im not gunna throw a bitch fit over my delivery plan. I want a safe and healty baby. But im the only one in my family that has had c sections and i always hate feeling like something is wrong with my body and thats why i cant deliver vaginally.