Not what I was expecting...


So I've been contemplating posting for a while, our baby is 3 months old now. I wanted to include every little detail because to me every second was so important so the whole ordeal would've been too much to type up. So long story wanting to be made relatively short here we go.

I was due August 23 and well the day came and went but it was barely in our rear view when on the 24th very early morning I was in bed with my boyfriend who had work and I could get my back to stop hurting. Prior to this we were thinking I'd need to be induced because I wasn't dialated or thinned days before. So I'm rolling around from about 1 am to 3 am when I get up to go to the bathroom and I wiped and theres was a mucusy substance on the toilet paper. I sent down stairs and woke up my boyfriend and then told him to sleep that I'd wake him up so then about and hour more of me in so much pain we head to the hospital because while my mom was getting ready for work I yelled from the bathroom to check what I had going on, she confirmed it was my mucus plug and from there the journey really started. i had crazy back labor and was in a lot of pain even though I wasn't in active labor they allowed me to stay. From 630 am to 9 pm we went into active labor, labored all around the room ball and all got an epidural (hand and knees after) , dialated to 9 cm but my babys big head was too posterior to descend. They gave me 30 minutes more on my hands and knees to try then they said it'd be c section (not what I wanted, huge fear of anything medically invasive) 930 came and I cried I didnt want a c section I wanted my mom and sister along with my boyfriend and I couldn't have that I felt defeated. I sobbed as I took out all my jewlery.

So I was in so much pain the fear would come and go in the short moment it took to prepare. I got into the operating room they scooted me onto this new bed and before my boyfriend was even in the room they had started. I could feel everything, at first just pressure and discomfort but after so much of pushing and pulling my poor baby and stomach it actually started to hurt, I was screaming so loud my mom and sister heard me down the hall. My precious "little" baby was screaming and I felt some relief (especially because my angel anesthesiologist loaded me up.. she also held my hand along side my bf) Our baby was estimated around 8 pounds, she came out 10lb 1oz. My bf left to the recovery room where my mom and sister were and they wheeled me in on the bed after I was so relieved it was over and my baby seemed healthy. Not long after I was hemorrhaging and lost 3 liters of blood because a large portion of the placenta was left in me. My family thought they were going to lose me but I was so exhausted and honestly happy watching my baby in my family's arms. Fast forward to today we are healthy and happy and I'd do it all again especially after knowing the result 😍