Seductive fictional characters


So I know people are gonna say I’m overreacting which I don’t need to hear I’m simply asking if I should just let him keep looking at that stuff or if I’m right about it and it’s disrespectful. So I know it’s bad to be insecure but believe me when I tell you I’ve been hurt very badly by so many people but anyways my boyfriend follows these anime accounts with seductive anime pictures and I kept it too myself that it bothered me but finally I couldn’t handle it bc he put one as his phone screen saver knowing i wouldn’t like it he even said I wouldn’t and he still showed me this is what he put as his screensaver

He says it’s just art which I get it is but it’s very seductive and I simply asked him to take it down due to it make me feel insecure bc I know he’s into that kind of porn even if its not a video he’s looking at it I even tried to compromise with him to find less seductive anime and he said he thinks it’s dumb and itsjust fake so he won’t unfollow now I said can you please several times and he still refused so I let it go.

This is just some of what he’s looking at