What did you choose?

Devin • 21 years old, happily married, and due with baby #1 in August 2020!

I want to know what you mama’s chose after having your baby, or even during pregnancy. I’m currently almost 5 weeks pregnant and work an hour from home. My fatigue and morning sickness is already so great that I’ve already had to leave work due to sickness, and I’ve found myself falling asleep on the way to and from work - no matter what time it is or how long I slept. My husband and I both agree that it’s no longer safe for me to be driving the distance anymore. What we are now trying to figure out is should I decide to find a job closer to home and deal with the stress of a new work environment, or should I stay at home for my pregnancy and become a SAHM like I’ve talked about doing after baby is born anyway? My only complaint about the latter is I won’t be able to help my husband out with any bills. What worked for you ladies? I could really use any help/advice I could get!

(I apologize if this is in the wrong group)

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