I was surprised to find imnpregnant because....


I found out unexpectedly. We were not trying, but not using protection either.

I had taken mushrooms at maybe the three-four week mark without knowing i was pregnant! Ive done a lot of acid IN THE PAST (that part of my life was over a year, almost two years ago) and in my research i read that the effects can cause severe spasms in the uterus and cause spontaneous abortion. So when i found i was pregnant i was seriously surprised. Not only was it unexpected, but it seemed impossible. (This baby is strong!)

I was also surprised because we got pregnant on our honeymoon, and we werent necessarily trying! Its our lil love child. <3

What was your surprise moment?

Edit: guys rly, a person cant have a life before pregnancy? Dont shit your pants just because ive experimented with drugs! My baby will be healthy as can be. As i mentioned already, of course ive stopped using! Sheesh.

And as for my tone...why are YOU so serious? Dont you know how to see the good and laugh and smile? I find it amazing that i am carrying despite what i may have or may not have done. Isnt that the point? Jesus.

Your concern is misplaced. Worry about your own shortcomings, not mine.