Playing the waiting game... A poas addict!!!

Ruah • Finally preggers with my rainbow baby🚼 baby dust to all you ladies!!!
So I'm not sure what to think I'm pretty sure I had implantation bleeding because I never spot in between cycles and I'm having the same mild cramps I have last time I was pregnant but usually my breasts start hurting right before AF comes and when I got pregnant last time they started hurting a week sooner but AF is due in 4 days and they don't hurt at all so I don't know if that's a good sign or a bad sign... I've also been super tired but I've had the flu for 4 days so it's hard to distinguish my flu symptoms from other symptoms... I have been testing since 4 dpo and today is 10 dpo and still bfn... Trying not to lose all hope! 36 ttc#1 after mc... Baby dust ladies!!!