Friends and family support

So my DH and I have recently started TTC and I have gotten a lot of mix advice. My best friend does support me wanting a child but I feel that for some reason everyone is against us "trying". I get a lot that we should not be tracking my fertile schedule and that keeping up with my period is only gonna take the fun out of the process. If I don't track my period and my ovulation time, how could we be "trying". We want to try! We want to get pregnant. We have just started so as for now we have nothing stopping us from getting pregnant. Why are so many people against and tell me I'm gonna take the fun out of "trying" for a baby? Do I need to know when I'm ovulating, that's when conception is mostly likely to occur, right? I am getting down with people telling me this is, and feeling "dumb" for pushy for "trying". Any advice????