Middle name help for Liahni, please 🙏🏽

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My SO & I have been discussing names for our babygirl. As of now, we are leaning towards the name Liahni. Pronounced “Lee-awn-ee”. Our first daughters name is hawaiian sounding (Malayla “muh-lay-luh”) so we were trying for something Hawaiian sounding again to pair well with hers. We’re trying to figure out a middle name to go with it that isn’t your typical Grace, Rose, Lynn, Lee, Marie, etc. Any ideas? I’ve looked up exotic names and Hawaiian flowers and all sorts of things to find something unusual but nothing has been a THATS THE ONE MOMENT. So far we have:

Liahni Lyv Maclean

Liahni Nyx Maclean

Liahni Reign Maclean

Liahni Lux Maclean

Liahni Solei Maclean

Any suggestions?? Thanks!