Fist time pt3


‘Get under the covers’ he orders.

‘Yes sir’ i reply while doing as he told me.

We get under the covers and he flips me onto my back then climbs on top. He starts unbuttoning my pinafore, one by one he undies all the buttons. He looks up and down, admiring each inch of my body. He takes in every part of me. He reaches for my breasts and rubs them hard before lifting me up to undo my strap and slip off my bra. He throws my bra to the side and gasps as he looks at my double D’s,

‘Fucking hell’ he gasps before grabbing at my boobs.

He starts to kiss my neck and then my breasts, sucking at them and leaving his mark. Then he moves to my ribs and down to my stomach. He looks up and smiles at me.

He reaches for my pants and slips them off, throwing them to the side he starts kissing my thighs and then my sopping wet pussy.

‘Fuck you’re so wet’ he gasps ‘but it tastes so fucking good baby’.

He starts to eat me out and omg it feels so good, I start moaning again. Then he shoves three fingers up me and fingers me hard. At this point it’s so intense I’m screaming and grabbing at the covers.

‘Fuckkkkk’ I scream.

‘You like that baby?’ He asks with a cheeky smile.

‘Hell ye!’ I reply.

Then he comes back up and starts kissing me again. I flip him onto his back and climb on top with legs either side.

‘Time to repay the favour’ I tell him with a wink. His face immediately lights up and he smiles that cheeky smile again.

I take off his shirt, then unzip his jeans. I rub my hand over his pants as his breathing gets heavy. I carefully pull his jeans down and then his pants. I stroke his dick and make my way down to his balls. I touch his balls and carefully caress them to which he screams and moans at.

‘Fuckkkk that’s hella nice baby’ he shouts.

I grab his dick and start giving him a hj. He starts to moan.

‘Ohh baby’ he moans to me.

Then I let go and start grinding on his dick with my bare wet pussy. He moans and tells me how much he enjoys it.

Then he flips me over...

Pt4 cumming soon