Has anyone gone into labor while sick?

I have bronchitis and I am hoping it doesn’t turn into pneumonia... I’ve went to the doctors and nothing was really done except they told me to get some rest and stay hydrated since it’s just bronchitis. I’ve been trying to get better but I’ve been super miserable!! Almost a week later and I have been having lots of Braxton Hicks contractions and spoken to my OB about it and she just said as long as they don’t hurt or don’t get too close together then I should be fine. I just keep thinking “what if I go into labor?” I’m so not ready as I am only 31 weeks pregnant...also, I’m very exhausted and doubt I’d even be able to make it through labor and delivery. Does anybody have any experience giving birth while extremely sick? Do you feel better after delivery? Just wondering because I wouldn’t want to get my baby sick if she were born early. How bad is giving birth while sick and miserable? 😩 I have been vomiting and haven’t been able to keep anything down and have a severe cough and headache/body ache. And I cannot breathe out of my nose at all. I’ve been doing breathing treatments and steaming, taking over the counter meds, tea, etc. nothing is helping. I have a lot of crackling while breathing. Constantly coughing and vomiting makes my stomach hurt with sharp pains and feels like it’s being squeezed super hard!