Fertility/miscarriage questions

I am 24 and I had a missed miscarriage over a year ago. During that timeframe I found out I have a blood clotting disorder, factor 5 Leiden, and the the doctor said this could be why I had a miscarriage.  After the misscariage at 6 weeks they told me the embryo did not fully leave mybody naturally so I had to take misopristol... The effects this had on me mentally and physically is a whole different story. 
A year and a half later my menstral cycle is finally regular after taking two months of progesterone. I cannot take BC due to the blood clotting. 
Has anyone experienced anything like this before and conceived? My worst fear is after all this trauma I will be unable to have a child. Almost two year later I have not conceived again and I have this feeling at the pit of my stomach I will not be able to have children.
Also, how do I boost my fertility?