Addicted to having my hair long

Okay people :).....ever Since my 1st child was born I have had a tendency to keep my hair style relatively long. With only one period of cutting it to bra length on the back. Well that child is now 13 I also have a 3 and a 1/2 year old and ever since my divorce 2 years ago i have not cut my hair once. My hair is dark Brown wavy thick and after showering this morning I took the time to actually pay attention and while wet it touches mid thigh in the back. Obviously it shortens a great bit because of the texture once it is dry and is mid butt or so. One of the benefits of keeping it long because it is so thick is that it thins out a little at that length from being heavy and weighing down it actually is a little more manageable when it is longer. I didn't really realize it has gotten that long though until now. I have 2 interviews 1 Monday 1 Tuesday, big interviews, big career interviews. Should I get my haircut? The length has grown on me a bit and I get compliments everywhere I go . If I have it layered and super complicated I may not spend the time every single day styling it. Having it longer allows me to do braids and buns and stuff like that. But I feel like I should take more of an effort in my hair and go ahead and layer it cut it. I also am a thick chick and my hair really doesn't have much of a shape which I know is not extremely flattering. Someone push me in some type of direction because I'm afraid to death of getting my hair cut. But Also feel I need a change. Not to mention the one woman that has cut my hair since I was 12 retired last year.

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