Should I feel guilty???

I’ve been talking to this one guy for months now. We always hang out at least once a week. Since he started his demanding job, he’s been texting me every day. I even spent the night a week ago. I’ve asked him a few times this week if he wanted to hang out but he’d always say no because he had to work the next morning and get up super early, which I understand. I asked him yesterday and he said no. It’s been hot and cold with’s starting to feel like he just wants to see me when he feels like it. So I went out on a date yesterday and it went good.

Even though I went out with someone else yesterday I still asked him today because he has tomorrow off and I’d much rather hang with him, but he said no. I asked if he was going out with his friend, who I know, and he said why are you asking so many questions? He was being super short with me and I asked him why but he completely ignored it. I think it’s just time to leave that but we’ve been through SO much together it’s crazy. It’s weird also because he was texting me all week and was snapping me on New Years all day. He texted me all day the next day and then it’s just like this? Idk why but I don’t wanna keep texting and ask why? Should I wait a few days and text him normally and see how he responds and go from there? I’m going out on another date today but like I said I feel so guilty of doing so because I put all my effort and loyalty into this dude for 5 months now.