So my son is about to be 8 months in a couple of days and recently maybe the last two weeks give or take, we've had the worst naps and night sleeping that he's ever had.

he's always been pretty bad with naps and sleeping through the night has been hit or mess but I had started getting him on a routine during the day and at night that was starting to work. I was on a 3 nap a day regime, that worked most of the time but usually would only end up with one really good nap and the other two would be about an hour. Now he fights with all that he has to take naps during the day and when I finally get him down he wakes right back up 20 to 30 minutes later. He'll only fall asleep if I'm holding him and now even that is becoming almost impossible. He's never been able to self soothe and I'm not even sure where to begin on that. At night he would go to sleep by roughly 9 or 10 , mainly because he had medicine that you needed to take at a certain time but we have since weaned him off of that this past month. Then he would usually sleep until 6 , with sometimes one waking at night. Now he's been waking up multiple times and these last couple of days has been almost every hour and he'll be screaming. I've tried ignoring it and hoping that he'll put himself back to sleep but it doesn't work and now that he's able to sit himself up that's what he does and he doesn't know how to lay himself back down. This past week he's also learned how to crawl and today he learned how to pull himself up onto his feet in the crib. I'd like to say he's teething but I honestly don't know anymore because we were told he has possibly been teething since 3 months...he has no teeth yet. He chews alot and drools alot. He is my first and only child fyi. This has just gotten worse and worse every day....the pediatrician doesn't have much to say other than it's probably teething and to try Motrin...which we have. He was sick with a cold a few weeks back and had a couple rough nights and days , then started sleeping really well overall and them boom this started happening. I'm at my wit's end, I find myself so frustrated and exhausted that I'm crying. He is eating about 6 oz every 4 hours and taking pureed foods in between, he's just started taking about a jar of food 3 times a day. I know this is long but I don't know where else to turn to...I love this child more than anything but right now I want to just run for the hills and stay at a hotel. 😓😨. Maybe someone out there has some suggestions or thoughts on what's happening...words of wisdom and what not.... Thanks..

Sincerely, a very overwhelmed momma...