Looking for positivity💔


Looking for a little hope, when trying for my daughter psychic readings helped massively as I had previously miscarried.

I found out again on the 3rd of Jan that I had miscarried on the 31st of December. It wasn't a planned pregnancy but it was definitely something me and my partner was over the moon about! The hospital havent really been much help and told me theres nothing I can do but sit and wait for it to pass!

I was going to the early pregnancy unit for regular bloodwork done to see my hcg levels rising and unfortunately they didnt. Now I'm left with this emptiness. I feel so lost over something that never really started.

I guess what I'm trying to get at is if anyone could give me a free reading into as much depth they can to give me hope on if theres a little miracle on the cards and some reassurance that it just wasnt ment to be with my little angel 😞

Pictures attached of the only little evidence i have as I was not aloud a picture of the ultrasound due to no heartbeat being present💔