Would you sue if labor complication will impact you for life?? (Read story please)!

Baby was late. She was at a -2 station for weeks and I wasn’t dilated. They induced me and she wasn’t dropping any lower. When she was born the labor was really tough & she had a broken collarbone.

4 weeks postpartum I went to OBGYN because I had poop leaking from my vagina. I called after researching rectovaginal fistulas. The doctor told me “it was normal, it only happens in third world countries” he told me that during postpartum it isn’t abnormal to leak poop from your vagina, ha. He did an exam and saw nothing, sent me home. He pretty much told me it sounded like anxiety and he labeled my file with paranoia.

6 weeks postpartum I went to another OBGYN in the same practice. She said it was not normal, took one look and saw I had a band across my vagina/rectal area. There was a hole where there shouldn’t be (she saw this immediately). She told me if it was caught sooner she would have sent me to the OR immediately to fix.

At this point I have to go to a colorectal surgeon. I will have to have surgery that will leave me in extreme pain, I will not be able to pick up my baby for 1-2 months. I have been pulled out of work longer, have to drive 4 hours to the specialist (who told me never to go back to the OBGYN I was at) and I will need to be out longer in work in June.

I was told I will never have complete control of my sphincter again. I will never be able to have a vaginal birth again & I will struggle with fecal incontinence for the rest of my life... I’m under the age of 30....

She also said ALL of this could have been avoided with a cesarean section based on my size, anatomy and the position of the baby.

Would you go after the doctor who ignored the symptoms at four weeks? Or the doctor who didn’t make the call that could have avoided all this? My family and friends are telling me to, I’m not sure!!

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